Meet The Team: Service & Marketing

14th November 2016

Meet The Team: Service & Marketing

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Following a strong period of growth, we’re pleased to announce the arrival of the three newest team members: Harry Lewis, Jack Flower & Ryan Ellis. Augmenting the company with their diverse skills in marketing, music technology and general zest for life, these chaps certainly have a lot to offer.


Two extra members are added to Andy Allen’s marketing team, with a view to raising product and brand awareness. Harry Lewis re-joins the company as Product Specialist; his main role is to create educational and promotional videos, for sales and end-users alike. Marketing Assistant, Jack Flower is helping to spread the word (and Harry’s videos) by boosting e-marketing using social media and digital mailouts.

Audient prides itself in its quality product range and maintains that the service offered should be of a similar high calibre. As the new Technical Support Agent, Ryan Ellis is on hand to answer any pre and post sales questions. He’s also crazy about product engineering, which means whilst he’s not handling technical queries, he’s building 3D models of components for future products – an added bonus for the Audient R&D department.


“I feel like I’m really making a difference already”


All three were introduced to recording on Audient’s flagship ASP8024 analogue console and are passionate about all kinds of music and music technology. Ryan designed his first guitar pedal when he was 12, Jack is a huge reggae fan, whilst Harry has Grade 8 in classical double bass. “It’s great to be an environment of like-minded people who love music and audio, it creates a nice family atmosphere and allows creativity to flow,” says Harry.

“I already loved Audient products before I was working here,” adds Jack, who records and mixes musicians in his spare time. “It means I can be really passionate about new ideas and spreading the word. I feel like I’m really making a difference already.”