School In Sweden Installs Audient ASP4816

4th February 2019

School In Sweden Installs Audient ASP4816

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Uppsala Estitiska Gymnasium took delivery of an ASP4816 desk towards the end of last year, which now forms the centrepiece of a brand new studio at the school. Catering to 16-19 year old students, the upper school has recently moved to a new location, giving rise to the opportunity to build a brand new studio at the same time.


“It is very easy for the students to use, no steep learning curve at all.”


Teacher Anders Forsberg was responsible for kitting out the new studio, which is packed with various outboard including compressors, EQs and reverb to use with Logic ProX. “I asked around among my friends to see what they recommended,” he said, when asked about how he specified the compact, analogue console. “We looked at several desks, but when we found the Audient we could see that it would be perfect for the way we record and teach – and the price was right too.”


Anders Forsberg with Angelina, a second year student at Uppsala Estetiska Gymnasium

Specialising in teaching Music Production and Sound & Light, Anders explains how his pupils got on with the British desk. “It is very easy for the students to use, no steep learning curve at all. After a only a few instructions, they can start recording and pretty soon they no longer need my assistance,” he says, adding: “They all appreciate the workflow and the look of the desk.”


“I am very fond of the sound of EQ, preamps, the long faders, the ease of sound creation,” continues Anders, listing some of his favourite features. Since the move, and inspired by the new studio, Uppsala Estetiska Gymnasium has also debuted an extra class which comes under the music production umbrella. “The main focus of this is recording and we have high hopes that it will be successful,” says Anders.


“perfect for the way we record and teach”


ASP4816 from Audient at Uppsala Estetiska Gymnasium

Opening its doors in 1989, this is the oldest creative upper school in Uppsala, and over the last 30 years has trained many creative professionals, including audio technicians and musicians. According to the school’s website, they want to ensure “all doors are open” to their alumni after graduating.


Music shop Uppsala Musikaffär was invaluable in facilitating the sale,  along with local Audient distributor, Sennberg.