Heritage of Long Island Recording Company

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The studios of Long Island Recording serve the music and show business community for the entire Commonwealth of Kentucky, and as of January this year, they do so with the help of an Audient ASP8024 Heritage Edition console. Comprising a commercial studio as well as the only licensed audio engineering school in the Kentucky region, […]

JavaJam Installs First Audient Heritage in Benelux

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It took Chris da Graça just a few years to build up JavaJam studio, which today he describes proudly as “…a well-run, popular professional music recording studio and theatre space.” Eight years after first opening its doors, the studio takes delivery of an Audient ASP8024 Heritage Edition – the first of the new, enhanced, large […]

Conversion Studios, Dorset

A Conversation With Conversion Studios

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Way back in the annals of time, Owen Thomas of Conversion Studios made the brave decision to invest in what was then an unknown brand: Audient. His new analogue desk – only the second ASP8024 ever to be made –  was installed personally by company founders and console designers, David Dearden & Gareth Davies. Certainly a formative […]